The Almawasim has been part of domestic trade since 1980. Middle East was the starting point of our work, from which we began expanding by opening new branches in different countries around the world ; Egypt, Turkey and Madagascar.

By our long experience, great achievements, good reputation and the trust of our customers, we became leaders in domestic and international trade business. We as manufacturers, exporters and importers of spices, nuts and dried fruits secure all the requirements of our clients through cooperation with agents and suppliers with whom we have a strong partnership all over the world.

In order to ensure the arrival of high-quality goods under our supervision and personal responsibility, where food products are prepared in our warehouse under intensive supervision with the latest sorting and packaging technology ,in addition to the great experience in this field which enabled it to obtain several certificates, including ISO 9001: 2088 and ENCO certificate.

Our Vision

Customers' safety is one of our main priorities in Almawasim. Therefore, we pay special attention to good packaging and storage conditions that comply with the protective measures.